Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Being part of RAW NY I'm eligible to participate in RAWards 2013, which is like an art competition with voting, jury selections and all that stuff. 
First step in the competition is the public online voting, which is YOU guys! I have 7 days (like The Ring) to ask, beg, annoy, threaten and bribe people to vote for me by going to this link (  ) registering  and clicking on the big "vote" button. The whole process takes a couple of minutes tops. They just ask you to put in  some basic info to prevent the super excited supporters from voting more than once a day... And yes, that's how often you can vote....Once a day, for 7 days. So that also means I will be bugging everyone for about 7 more days. =) 

What happens if I get a lot of votes? Well, if I get more votes than anyone else in NY, I will be part of another RAW Art exhibition in Manhattan, and I'll move on to the next level of competition where a fancy shmancy jury will vote on their favorite artist on the national level. 
But to even get to that level, I need your help with the votes this week!

PS. - RAW Artists is an awesome organization and all artists (performing and visual) should look into being part of it.  =)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RAW LA Showcase

Super excited about showcasing my latest paintings in Los Angeles this August 8th!
Everyone welcome to come and check out my art, as well as art and fashion by some talented west coast artists and designers. Also, listen to some live music... and of course have a drink, or two. =)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Art Classes!

Summer Break from art classes!

After a long year, here are just a few of the highlight projects from my talented little students. After oh-so-much complaining, they all pulled off such great work. =) 

and yessss, we made owlies also!!! 

Featured artwork © Joanna K, Nicole C., Mark S., David T., Laura S., Alexandra K., Jacob T., Rachel G.  (ages 7-11)

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Airbrush Depression

If you wonder why I've been missing on my blog for the past 4 months and had very limited updates everywhere else, that's because I fell into the great depression when I dropped and broke my beloved airbrush. It was awful. The tip of it got slightly bend so it would randomly splatter paint in the most  unexpected and inconvenient  moments... Ugh! What a terrible period that was.

But the joyous day has arrived when I ordered a replacement needle for it, and all went back to normal. And May has finally brought some very delayed spring weather. So all is well with the world once again!
Now I'm back to creating and preparing for the many cool things that are coming up... like a few new designs for iphone skins,  my upcoming exhibition in LA and some cool stuff behind the blue circus door! Super excited! =)

ps. The Airbrush depression didn't actually happen. I was just too busy or too lazy to update earlier.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping Links

I like to think of myself as an organized person, but lately I've been losing track of all the online stores/website I'm part of.
This year, I'm on a mission to keep better track of all that stuff, and to update things more often.
Not sure when I'll have time to get it all done, but that's the plan...

So for now, here is a list of all the places where my art is being offered for sale. Some are my personal stores, and some are just stores that feature my designs on their products.

My Stores:

IPhone/Itouch Skins:

Original Art:

Other Stores:

Framed Prints and Posters:

T-Shirts, Canvas Prints, Pillows and Other cool stuff:

T-shirts "Imagine The World Without Cancer":

And eco friendly t-shirts "Ivy":

It's so hard to organize all this business stuff when all I want to do is put on my headphones and paint all day.
Oh no, right brain taking over again!

And just to make this post a little colorful, here is a good photograph of one of my paintings that I put up on Etsy:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

And she drew...

Lately I've been inspired to create more and more of such meticulous paintings. This is the second one of the series, and I have a whole bunch more planned.
I find these a lot of fun to create. Yet at the same time, they take a lot out of me. Every detail is meaningful to me in some way and if I do it right, then I am able to convey the mood of the piece to the audience.

Here it is.... untitled for now.... 

As well as some detail shots of work in progress....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Promo Video is up!

Last March, I collaborated with mxmum to create a little promo video of my work. It was a fun afternoon shoot. =)
Now I think it's time to share this creation with the rest of you, peeps. I know everyone has seen photos of my art and all that, but what you haven't seen is how incredibly camera shy I am on video. I don't stutter or anything...I just forget to how to speak all together at times. heh...

Anyways, a huuuuge thank you to mxmum for creating this for me. The editing is awesome! =)

Click on the link to view the video!