Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Being part of RAW NY I'm eligible to participate in RAWards 2013, which is like an art competition with voting, jury selections and all that stuff. 
First step in the competition is the public online voting, which is YOU guys! I have 7 days (like The Ring) to ask, beg, annoy, threaten and bribe people to vote for me by going to this link (  ) registering  and clicking on the big "vote" button. The whole process takes a couple of minutes tops. They just ask you to put in  some basic info to prevent the super excited supporters from voting more than once a day... And yes, that's how often you can vote....Once a day, for 7 days. So that also means I will be bugging everyone for about 7 more days. =) 

What happens if I get a lot of votes? Well, if I get more votes than anyone else in NY, I will be part of another RAW Art exhibition in Manhattan, and I'll move on to the next level of competition where a fancy shmancy jury will vote on their favorite artist on the national level. 
But to even get to that level, I need your help with the votes this week!

PS. - RAW Artists is an awesome organization and all artists (performing and visual) should look into being part of it.  =)

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